Romantic Date Ideas in Glendale

Romantic Date Ideas in GlendaleThese days, the number of couples who break up and go their separate ways is staggering. With careers, projects and activities dividing schedules, having time together seems to have gotten increasingly difficult. Don't let the pull of all of the world's distractions tear you and your partner apart! Something as meaningful as creating time for each other and going on a date every once in a while will surely keep your romantic feelings at a fever pitch. These romantic date ideas in Glendale are designed to help you win that tug-of-war battle that's been going on between your relationship and all of the world's distractions.

Cerreta Candy Company
It's no secret that you're sweet on your sweetie, so it's only fitting that you should plan a romantic date at the Cerreta Candy Company. This is Glendale's hometown chocolate company, and the owners are quite obliged to give you and your date a fascinating 30-minute tour of their facility. There is much to see here, as you will both learn about how this exquisite candy is made. Of course, free samples of the candy only sweeten the experience!

Address: 5345 West Glendale Ave, Glendale, AZ - MAP
Phone: (800) 474-6434

Deer Valley Rock Art Center
The work that you and your partner have put into your relationship has made it a foundation upon which you can build a strong future. You could say that your bond is solid as a rock. Play up that angle and make a romantic date out of a visit to Glendale's Deer Valley Rock Art Center. This facility features an impressive collection of rock paintings and petroglyphs. These amazing works of art that have been carved out of rock can best be seen from the vantage point of a walking trail which winds through a picturesque garden and an amphitheater area.

Address: 3711 West Deer Valley Road, Glendale, AZ 85308 - MAP
Phone: (623) 582-8007

Katydid Insect Museum
You can be funny about it when you say that in every relationship, both parties tend to “bug” each other and then suggest a romantic date that consists of a trip to the Katydid Insect Museum! All joking aside, this is a truly fascinating place that you and your date will find to be both educational and entertaining. The many exhibits, some multimedia and a few interactive, offer the chance to get up close to several types of insects and actually see the world from their small but no less compelling point of view.

Address: 6445 North 51st Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301 - MAP
Phone: (623) 931-8718

Sibonne Day Spa
Melt away the stress that the two of you have been carrying on your shoulders by booking a couple's treatment at the Sibonne Day Spa. Upon arriving, you will be immediately struck by the spa's tranquil atmosphere that is perfectly augmented by soft hues, subdued lighting and equally mesmerizing music. The treatments that are available are just as captivating, as you can choose from various types of massages, facials and therapies that are all designed to pamper you.

Address: 18561 North 59th Avenue, Suite 120, Glendale, AZ 85308 - MAP
Phone: (602) 843-8185

Stardust Lounge
Unwind with a drink amid the comfortable atmosphere of Glendale's posh Stardust Lounge. This is one of those casual and comfortable neighborhood bars that is not a hole in the wall by any means. The Stardust is a cool and classy place to enjoy the adult beverage of your choice after a hard day. It also proves to be a great place for a romantic date, as you can either begin or end your evening here. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is just right for whatever mood you want to create.

Address: 4346 West Olive Ave, Glendale, AZ 85302 - MAP
Phone: (623) 937-1877