Glendale Sports and Recreation

Glendale Sports and RecreationIf it is starting to feel like your whole world view is through your computer's desktop screen, then it's probably time to ditch your sedentary routine and get out and enjoy some exercise and clean fresh air. If you happen to find yourself in Glendale, there are plenty of fun and creative ways to get away from that computer monitor and out into the sunshine for some much-needed physical activity. So when you start to feel like the four walls that surround you and that computer start closing in, plan to enjoy some of the many sporting and recreational activities in Glendale that are sure to revitalize you in the best possible way.


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Pro Sports

Arizona Cardinals
Glendale is the home of the Arizona Cardinals NFL football team. The sports team plays its games at the University of Phoenix stadium that features a stunning natural grass field. The stadium was the site of Superbowl XLII.


Phoenix Coyotes
The Phoenix Coyotes are a National Hockey League team that plays its home games in the Arena, adjacent to the University of Phoenix Stadium. The sports team was founded in 1972 and despite various management changes and other internal moves, the team remains based in Glendale.



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Hiking, Biking & Trails

Thunderbird Conservation Park
The Thunderbird Conservation Park in Glendale offers several stunning natural amenities to enjoy, not the least of which is the presence of over 15 miles of recreation trail that winds through the area. The park covers an expansive 1,185 acres and its main mission is to preserve the varied desert environment.

Address: Glendale, AZ - MAP

Skunk Creek Linear Park
The Skunk Creek Linear Park trail is open from sunrise to sunset and offers a linear 3.5 trail that connects to Thunderbird Paseo Park. This is an ideal recreation trail for walkers and runners who want a quick workout without too much variance in surface or difficulty.

Address: 51st and Utopia to 73rd Avenue and Paradise, Glendale, AZ - MAP

Bridal Path
If riding a horse is more your style, then make a quick gallop to the Bridle Path in Glendale. This recreation trail runs from the west side of 51st Avenue from Cactus Road north to the Thunderbird Park Conservation trails all the way though to New River. The trail is a 9-mile, decomposed granite surface specifically designed for equestrian use.

Address: Glendale, AZ - MAP


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Cortez Lake
Glendale's Cortez Lake is a highlight of Cortez Park in northwest Phoenix and offers fans of outdoor fun much to get excited about. In addition to the expansive areas of the park, the lake offers plenty of aquatic recreation that includes swimming, fishing, water skiing and canoeing.

Address: 35th Avenue and Dunlap Avenue, Glendale, AZ - MAP

Desert West Lake
Desert West Lake offers plenty of fun ways to cool down in the Arizona heat. Take a swim, snorkel, fish, or even glide along in a canoe. The lake is part of the Desert West Park and offers water sports and additional outdoor recreation activities like hiking and walking trails as well as expansive play areas that are equally suited for lounging on a big picnic blanket.

Address: Glendale, AZ - MAP


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Plenty Of Thrills

A truly excellent adventure hangs from one big long elastic cord when you let the pros at Luxergy take you on a bungee jumping, extreme sports adventure in Glendale. Everything you need from start to finish is provided, as well as a video and photo package that perfectly documents your high-flying and very swinging experience!

Phone: (888) 589-3749

Speed Street Indoor Race Track
Put the pedal to the metal as you pick up speed on your go kart adventure in Glendale. Speed Street Indoor Race Track most definitely lives up to its name as you can take the turns and accelerate on the inclines to enjoy a revved-up good time. This recreational kart course is over 1/3 of a mile long and is professionally designed for the Honda powered karts that can go up to 50 miles per hour.

Address: 6542 West Bell Road, Glendale, AZ - MAP
Phone: (623) 334-9952

Great Skate
Enjoy the fun of skating at Great Skate in Glendale. While this state-of-the-art facility offers the best in sound and lighting for a dazzling experience, it also features the classic charm of a vintage skating rink. Various admission prices apply to guests who either bring their own skates or rent them from Great Skate.

Address: 10054 North 43rd Avenue, Glendale, AZ - MAP
Phone: (623) 842-1181


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Silver Q Hookah & Billiards
The Silver Q Billiards is Glendale's favorite place to shoot a few games. The venue offers plenty of excellent, regulation tables that are all comfortably placed amid the many television screens playing the latest in sports – and all within close proximity to the bar. This is a great place to meet friends for a fun evening of pool!

Address: 6670 West Cactus Road, Glendale, AZ - MAP
Phone: (623) 776-2266

AMF Glendale Lanes
AMF Glendale Lanes is an inviting, family friendly place that offers a top-notch bowling experience. Your level of skill doesn't matter as you will love trying to knock all the pins down in this modern bowling recreation facility. Auto scoring as well as a fully stocked bar and concession area, video arcade and lounge area are among the many amenities.

Address: 8840 North 43rd Ave, Glendale, AZ - MAP
Phone: (623) 931-3785

Lake Pleasant
Lake Pleasant most definitely lives up to its name. This is the nearest large lake to Glendale, and it offers anglers an excellent place to do some stellar fishing. The lake offers amenities that fishermen prize, like an expansive marina, boat ramps, and bait stands. The fishing is nearly always good, as the lake holds over 100,000 acres of water.

Address: Glendale, AZ - MAP