Glendale Attractions

Glendale is one of those cities that can be likened to a flower in the desert. Despite being located in the open and arid state of Arizona, this charming metro area offers much to discover and experience through its many attractions. Visitors are immediately struck by the friendly and accommodating nature of the people who call Glendale home, but there are plenty of surprises to find here, too. They include everything from some of the best tasting homemade chocolate, to an incredible number of beads that tell amazing stories, to some equally enticing natural settings. Whichever adventure you choose to explore, it's clear that Glendale is a place that is always in bloom.

Cerreta Candy Company
The Cerreta Candy Company is a local favorite for many delicious reasons. This hometown chocolate factory offers so many delectable creations lovingly created by the talented resident choclatiers. Visitors are always welcome, and if you happen to drop in Monday through Thursday, you can experience a 30-minute tour that is led by one of the owners who never get tired of telling the Cerreta Candy Company's story. It all gets even sweeter, as several handfuls of candy samples are included as part of the tour.

Address: 5345 West Glendale Ave, Glendale, AZ - MAP
Phone: (800) 474-6430

Deer Valley Rock Art Center
Glendale's Deer Valley Rock Art Center will challenge what you know about art. In more than one way, this attraction will “rock” your world, as the center houses several unique examples of rock paintings and petroglyphs. Some of these impressive rock sculptures are displayed outside the venue, and can be seen in all their glory along the adjacent walking path. As you move along this picturesque trail, you will also be treated to the sight of a beautiful garden and an impressive amphitheater.

Address: 3711 West Deer Valley Road, Glendale, AZ 85308 - MAP
Phone: (623) 582-8007

The Bead Museum
Centuries ago, various cultures used items to tell their story. That tradition is alive and well at the Bead Museum in Glendale. This fascinating attraction offers visitors the opportunity to experience a stunning, international selection of over 100,000 bead artifacts that all have a unique and compelling story to tell. Every exhibit and presentation offers something different to learn. Perhaps one of the most dramatic themes is the universal and spiritual uses of beads and their significance in many of the world's cultures. If your interest in beading is peaked, you can pick up books and bead kits at the museum's gift shop before you depart.

Address: 5754 West Glenn Drive, Glendale, AZ 85301 - MAP
Phone: (623) 931-2737

Katydid Insect Museum
Embark upon an adventure of a totally different kind when you visit the Katydid Insect Museum in Glendale. This highly unique attraction magnifies the lives, habits and histories of bugs. Opt to take a guided tour that will acquaint you with the thousands of mounted bugs and insects that inhabit the many display cases in this museum that is sure to fascinate every member of your family.

Address: 6445 North 51st Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301 - MAP
Phone: (623) 931-8718

Sahuaro Ranch
A visit to Glendale's Sahuaro Ranch will allow you to experience not only a vital part of the area's history, but also to understand the vital role of farming and agriculture to the economic development of the area. This ranch is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and offers visitors a chance to visit a rustic farmhouse complete with vintage furnishing and decorations. You will also marvel at exhibits and attractions like the collection of vintage and antique farm equipment that was used to bring in the various crops.

Address: PO Box 1824, Glendale, AZ 85311
Phone: (602) 939-5782

Downtown Glendale
A real down home, neighborly experience awaits you when you visit Downtown Glendale. This section of town has been meticulously revitalized and renovated to retain its original charm while offering visitors some highly appealing attractions and shopping and dining choices. Find a treasure trove of amazing discoveries at the many antique shops, get a delicious meal at any of the fine restaurants, or just stroll the streets and enjoy a bit of window shopping. There's also a library and the popular Murphy Park at the heart of it all.

Address: 59th and Glendale, Glendale, AZ - MAP
Phone: (623) 930-2299

Thunderbird Conservation Park
A memorably picturesque natural view is priceless. There are several of them to feast your eyes on when you visit Glendale's Thunderbird Conservation Park. Enjoy some truly excellent outdoor moments as the park offers you a chance to experience a relaxing picnic, a brisk hike or horseback ride, a challenging mountain bike adventure, or even some bird watching. There are 20 miles of multi-use trails that run through the park, so you have plenty of room to enjoy your choice of a walk, jog or ride amid the attraction of nature.

Address: 59th Avenue between Deer Valley and Pinnacle Peak Roads, Glendale, AZ - MAP