Arts, Music & Entertainment in Glendale

Arts, Music & Entertainment in GlendaleArtistic expression is undeniably magical. Whether it is a finely constructed melody, a story told from a unique perspective or a flurry of movements that add up to an unforgettable dance, they are all ways that a particular artist's vision is put forth to an audience. In Glendale, there are many talented writers, musicians, actors and performers who have something worth saying and use various theatrical aspects to express themselves. These expressions are collectively known as the arts, music and entertainment scene, and if you have your ticket and take your seat tonight in Glendale, you will most definitely be in for a spectacular show!

Glendale Civic Center
The Glendale Civic Center is one of the city's best-loved entertainment venues for all types of must-see performances. Whether you are a fan of theatrical presentations, symphonic concerts or the latest pop, rock or country acts, you can catch it all on the Glendale Civic Center's expansive stage. In addition to those very noteworthy happenings, the facility hosts various conventions, gatherings and trade shows that are all well worth attending.

Address: 5750 West Glenn Drive, Glendale, AZ - MAP
Phone: (623) 930-4300

Music Box Dance Center
The Music Box Dance Center in Glendale not only preserves the beauty and art of ballet, but also strives to pass on the passion and technique of its performance to future generations. The center offers classes and various other opportunities for instruction to aspiring dancers, and presents various recitals and entertainment throughout the year. The accomplished teachers and more experienced dancers all work together to poise younger students to develop their talents to the fullest.

Address: 15410 North 67th Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85306 - MAP
Phone: (602) 820-3988

Ballet Folklorico "Fiesta Mexicana"
It's no secret that Glendale and its surrounding areas have been influenced by an incredible array of cultures. One of the most prevalent in the area's history and development is the Mexican culture. Aside from its food and language that have become part of the mainstream, its celebratory tradition of dance is alive and well in Glendale thanks to the efforts of the Ballet Folklorico Fiesta Mexicana. These young boys and girls are instructed in the technique and expression of dance as an extension of their Mexican heritage. The various dance recitals and productions put on by this group also tell various stories that will mesmerize all who come to experience these colorful performances.

Address: 8561 North 61st Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85302 - MAP
Phone: (623) 937-6623

The Shout House
The minute you hear a song that you like, your first reaction is to sing along with it. Join fellow music lovers by singing along to all the great music you'll hear at the Shout House in Glendale. This fun and energetic venue has been voted one of the best entertainment experiences in Glendale, and with good reason! It features a full bar, an excellent menu and a great staff, but the fun centers around the rock and roll singalongs led by the “dueling pianos” played by some of the city's most talented (and animated) musicians. It all adds up to an evening full of fun, music and singing–even if you don't know the words, the time you'll spend at the Shout Factory will be completely unforgettable!

Address: 6770 North Sunrise Blvd, #207, Glendale, AZ 85305 - MAP
Phone: (623) 772-1500

Spotlight Youth Theatre
Settle in for an evening of live theatrical entertainment with a unique twist when you plan to catch one of Spotlight Youth Theatre's many productions. These are some of Glendale's most talented up-and-coming thespians who have a natural gift for various types of on-stage performances. Whether it's comedy, drama, musicals or a little bit of everything, this troupe puts on a regular series of plays and other types of revues all year long. These young and gifted actors and actresses are sponsored by various local, regional and national businesses, whose generosity makes it possible for them to take the stage.

Address: 10620 North 43rd Ave, Glendale, AZ 85304 - MAP
Phone: (602) 843-8318